Savant Systems, Inc., a leader in smart home and smart power, is proud to announce that their category-defining energy management solutions are now available through two top distributors, providing coverage to builders and contractors across North America. Soligent Distribution and Supplied Energy will deliver access to the Savant Power System solutions along with training and support services to ensure seamless integration.


“Savant is proud to be partnered with such capable organizations, each dedicated to offering builders, installers, and contractors the products and support they need to be successful in the emerging smart power category,” said JC Murphy, President of Savant. “With an ever-increasing burden on local power grids, homes that feature reliable and efficient energy are in high demand.”

Soligent Distribution
Founded in 1979 with multiple warehouse facilities across the US, Soligent supplies thousands of contractors with solar energy equipment, engineering services and project financing solutions. The Soligent team also provides advanced training that supports a diversified product offering, and multi-site distribution centers across the U.S., empowering builders and installers to deliver best solutions for their clients.

“Savant’s flexible load management solution for automating power usage throughout the home is in perfect alignment with Soligent’s mission to provide best-in-class solutions while helping to make a positive impact on communities through sustainability,” said Madeline Acri, Energy Storage Manager at Soligent.

Supplied Energy
Based in Greenville, IL., Supplied Energy provides a strong background in power products including geothermal and renewable energy solutions for new communities. The company supplies homebuilders, property owners, and renewable energy contractors with the products and support required to achieve best results on all projects including all-electric structures. The Supplied Energy team simplifies the process of combining the right solutions to achieve highly efficient homes and buildings, helping contractors and builders incorporate clean energy into each project.

“We’re excited to team up with the experts at Savant Power on the launch of the load control product,” said Kyle Smith, President of Supplied Energy. “Our industry has been waiting a long time for such a technology with so many deployable options that will work with all our related product offerings to truly put home and building owners in control of their power and energy consumption. We believe that load control and energy monitoring are the next essential step to our future in electrification.”

Savant Power System: A Bold Approach to Smart Energy
The Savant Power System is the ultimate energy management solution engineered for consumers, home builders, businesses, and utility companies. Savant’s advanced automated software platform and intuitive app-based user experience make it easy to monitor and control every circuit, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs without compromising comfort and convenience. By combining onsite energy generation, integrated battery storage, generator control, and flexible load management, Savant Power System delivers complete control of energy assets plus the security of grid independence. Now home or business owners can intuitively monitor their energy demands, understand their energy production levels, and maximize available storage. This intelligent system enables consumers to seamlessly shift between on-grid power and battery power, with built-in energy insights, quick-view dashboards, and automated energy modes. Excess power production beyond the requirements of the home can be accessed by the utility, contributing to improved energy stability statewide.