From local and national media, to education, our workplaces, and even casual conversations at home, COVID-19 has made its presence felt everywhere. During these most challenging times, Savant has committed to keeping dealers updated with ongoing sales and marketing support, product innovation, education and training opportunities including their brand new stay-at-home educational series and one-on-one sessions with a Savant technician designed to help make best use of any downtime. Savant has committed to providing value to dealers across the globe as they face the “new normal,” make tough business decisions, try to support homeowners remotely and simply manage work and home life differently in a rapidly changing climate.

One of the very first and most important decisions Savant made was to mobilize the entire support and customer service teams to work remotely.  Because our entire technical team has the Savant Experience installed in their homes and has access to remote hardware should more extensive testing be required, they were able to swiftly de-centralize support activities and executed plans for technical support teams to work remotely, continuing to monitor and respond to cases as they arise.  While you may encounter an occasional barking dog or whistling tea kettle in the background, Savant’s technical support team remains at nearly full capability.

In addition to remote technical and customer service, Savant has introduced a massive education campaign. As Savant President JC Murphy announced last week, “We have nearly 40 live webinars scheduled for our integrators and their teams to attend throughout the months of March and April.  In addition to these educational sessions, we have also introduced the ability for integrators to reserve an hour with a Savant Technician to gain even more personalized training on key topics.”

Sessions range from technical demonstrations to marketing seminars, with every one-on-one session registered full through mid-Aril. Key topics include:

  • How to utilize Savant Central Manager to Remotely Manage your Projects
  • Savant Blueprint Deep Dive on Lighting Manager
  • Best Practices in Distributed Audio System Design
  • How to maximize your Social Media track to better take advantage of this inexpensive marketing tool

Not only has Savant been able to quickly adjust staffing, they have also adjusted order fulfillment, allowing for delivery of products for the projects their customers are in the process of completing. This week Savant also started delivering its long awaited Pro Remote X2 to dealers for beta testing. Through the power of technology, all Savant and Racepoint Energy engineering teams are now working remotely with complete (albeit remote) access to QA Labs.  Savant’s spirit of innovation continues.

Interestingly, Savant already had a host of tools designed for dealers to do business remotely, including;

  • The Savant Store and Community that allow integrators to design projects, quote materials, and place and manage orders.  Finance and operations teams can also to track order delivery, manage addresses to allow for shipping products direct-to-site (eliminating traditional central receiving), view invoices and financial statements, submit payments online and more.
  • Savant Central Management delivers dealers a cloud-based tool that allows for remote system access for offsite troubleshooting and software updates, remote programming capabilities and more.

“As we all continue to adjust to the new normal, one of the bright spots has been seeing how dealers are managing in this new business climate,” said JC Murphy. “I am struck by the resiliency of this channel and the unique ways that dealers have been leveraging technology to provide vital service and assistance to their clients. I believe in the power of this community and encourage all of us to share best practices, supporting each other in these unique times.”