Savant Power, a division of Savant Systems, Inc. known for category-defining smart electrical panels, automated power, storage, and energy resiliency solutions for consumers, home builders, businesses and utility companies, is proud to announce that it has been recognized with six prestigious awards for 2021. These awards acknowledge that Savant Power’s inCharge™ Power Panel, inCharge Homegrid technology, Grid Services Platform and multi-award-winning user experience have revolutionized smart energy management for homes and businesses. The six awards are:

·     2021 CE Pro BEST Award

·     2021 Residential Systems Best of Show Award

·     2021 TecHome Brilliance Award (Energy Monitoring and Management)

·     2021TecHome Brilliance Award (Best Overall Product)

·     2021 Connected Design Design Award

·     2021 Residential Tech Today Innovation Award

“We are honored that Savant Power has been acknowledged as an industry pioneer of flexible load management through our intelligent power panels,” said Anna Demeo, President, Savant Power. “Managing demand while seamlessly integrating alternative energy resources and storage are critically important components to rethinking the grid.”

Savant Power’s Bold Approach to Smart Energy

Savant Power’s inCharge Power Panel combined with an advanced automated software platform enables users to monitor and control every circuit, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs. By combining onsite energy generation, integrated battery storage, generators and flexible load management all operating seamlessly within our automated platform, a Savant Power inCharge Homegrid provides users with the security of grid independence along with complete control of their energy assets.

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