Savant, a leader in smart home and smart power technology, is introducing a new family of power products that includes both Smart Power Distribution Units (PDU) and Smart Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS). Smart PDUs enable integrators to not only control connected devices, monitor device health and remotely reboot as required, but also to view real-time and historical energy consumption trends.  

The new Smart PDU and Smart UPS families by Savant. Image courtesy of Savant.

Savant Smart PDU Family  

The Smart PDUs combine smart home and smart power functionality, with an initial release planned of two models – Savant Power Box 8 and Savant Power Box 3. The Power Box 8 is designed to be installed in the rack, with four individually addressable outlets and two addressable pairs of outlets, all within a 1U form factor.

The Power Box 3 is low profile enough to be installed behind a display, with three individually controlled and monitored outlets. Both boxes include built-in surge and over-voltage protection, with both dealer monitoring tools and homeowner insights. Additional Smart PDU models are expected to expand the lineup.  

Each PDU features a full-color screen that provides critical active feedback, an important asset for integrators while working onsite. Configuration of the Smart PDUs is intuitive, using the Savant Power & Light app. 

Savant Smart UPS Family  

The Smart UPS includes a rack mount 3U UPS, capable of powering two fully loaded Savant Power Box 8 units for up to 30 minutes, with built-in protection and conditioning with pure sine wave technology. A single appliance UPS is also being released as part of the offer.  

“The expansion of the Savant Power family delivers an important opportunity for integrators to showcase the benefits of power management across the home,” said JC Murphy, Savant President in a press release. “Integrators can now start offering high-value power resiliency to their clients, if only for a single appliance in the home.”  

Savant Smart PDUs & UPS solutions are designed with the unique combination of Savant’s expertise across both smart home and energy management.   

Savant Smart PDUs are targeted for availability in early 2024.