Savant, a leader in smart home technology, has announced integration with industry leaders across the inverter and battery storage market, including Schneider Electric, Fortress Power, Sol-Ark, and HomeGrid, powered by Lithion. In addition to advanced integration, Savant has also announced availability of select, out-of-the-box solutions, direct to Savant dealers, orderable through the Savant Dealer Store.

This product integration and availability ensure that Savant can deliver scalable energy management solutions for projects up to 800AMPs, with both single and three phase options. Scalability starts with incredible performance and intelligent battery storage from 7kW/11kWh to 500kW/1100kWh.

Savant’s team of experts can help design solutions, from basic storage packages engineered to manage both on grid and off grid back-up power to critical loads, to customized whole-home level solutions supplying grid independence.

Pre-configured kits are available to support from 7kW/11kWh to 45kW/115kWh.

Savant Power Systems – Out-of-the-Box Packages for Projects of all Sizes

For homeowners looking towards entry-level storage packages up to 200 AMPs, Savant has created packages that feature Schneider Electric inverters and Fortress Power batteries, offering an impressive range from 7kW/11kWh up to 14kW/37kWh with options for on-wall storage as well as cabinet storage configurations. These storage packages perfectly complement the 31-circuit Savant Power Kit and delivers the security and convenience of battery back up to the circuits that are most important. Packages available now.

Savant also offers fully scalable packages supporting 800 AMP systems, capable of 9kW/72kWh and 19kWh-306kWh. These solutions feature hybrid inverters from Sol-Ark and battery storage from either HomeGrid, powered by Lithion or Fortress Power. Hybrid inverters manage both solar and battery storage while offering AC or DC solar coupling. DC coupled systems add energy efficiency and can use solar energy to automatically initiate battery charging (black start capability) without the need for AC conversion. Packages available mid-Q2 

“Savant is focused on not only making every electrical panel smart but adding value to this intelligent energy platform with industry-leading, advanced brand integration,” said George Katsiris, VP, Product Evangelist at Savant. “Advanced integration allows for the Savant app to automatically report key insights such as battery state-of-charge, historical trends, and more. Savant is the only company offering dealers this level of scalability across the energy management category, with add-on battery storage solutions starting under $20,000.”