Schneider Electric’s purpose is rooted in sustainability and energy efficiency. Its goal is to enable energy access and efficiency for all, everywhere, said Manish Pant, CEO and executive vice president for Home and Distribution Business, at the company’s virtual address at CES 2021 (pictured above at left with Richard Korthauer, vice president, Home And Distribution Business). 

“Our vision is to ensure that homes are not only smart, but sustainable,” Pant continued. “We help homeowners maximize energy to save money on bills and reduce carbon emissions.”

While Pant asserts that the concept of the smart home is far from nascent, he urges that energy management solutions are a global priority, considering the increased amount of time the world’s population is staying at home, consuming more energy than ever.

Our homes have four main challenges Pant explained: Sustainability, Resilience, Efficiency and Personalization.

Energy consumption has skyrocketed during the pandemic with homes becoming work and entertainment hubs. Add to that, the increased popularity of electric vehicles, and the stresses on the grid only worsen. 

“Our homes are expected to become the single largest greenhouse gas emitters over the next decade,” said Pant. “As consumers equip their homes with more connected devices, the ability to control and manage home energy consumption will be non-negotiable. A secure, interoperable power management system is key to ensuring consumers live sustainably even at home, by keeping energy cost and CO2 emissions to a minimum. Our new product empowers consumers to make better energy choices, and to take active control over their energy needs.”

The Square D Energy Center, as part of the Wiser ecosystem of solutions, helps homes become more than smart — smart AND sustainable. By connecting a smart thermostat, a smart meter, a backup generator and a solar inverter with an AI-driven energy management system, the Square D Energy Center addresses pain points of resilience and effective energy management in the home.

Square D Energy Center

Korthauer explained that the Square D Energy Center is crucial because it provides total control of energy production and consumption; it will help maintain power during outages because it allows you to decide what products would remain on and what can be off. It will also save the homeowner footprint on the wall with its ergonomic design.

With control from an app, homeowners can consolidate energy sources. The Energy Center, as part of Wiser, the company’s connected-home platform, acts like the home’s health monitor. It monitors energy usage in real-time; helps maximize solar panel usage; and optimizes energy use and power source switching.

Homeowners can monitor their energy sources from an app as part of the Wiser connected-home platform.

Schneider Electric also introduced the Square D connected light switches and outlets, the X and XD Series.

The XD Series gives a nod to the style-conscious consumer with its fully flush design, matte finishes, metallic color choices, and quick-changing design. Other features include side pressure plates; quick wire ground screw, large rear cutout for wire snips on receptacle; and self-grounding clip. Energy monitoring is available on all Wi-Fi and Z-Wave connected devices.

Stylish design elements were top of mind with the new XD series switches.

Schneider Electric was also honored with a CES Innovation Award for its Acti9 Active, which helps homeowners prevent electrical mishaps and power disruption. 

“The Acti9 Active creates safer homes by proactively monitoring and alerting residents to electrical faults, including the risk of fire, electrical shocks, equipment damage and frequent electrical surges, facilitated by its in-built native connectivity.”