Screen Innovations (SI) is taking cues from its nationwide network of systems integrators as the basis for the development of several revolutionary motorized shading and projection screen products and technologies. The latest in a series of recent problem-solving innovations is SI’s Troy IP Control Gateway. 

Integrators Talk, SI Listens

After hearing numerous integrators lament about the complexities involved when programming the speed, direction, and positioning of motorized shades and screens, SI went to work and engineered an easy, straightforward, hardware and software solution. The Troy IP Control Gateway is ready and available to provide integrators with a far more efficient, simple and affordable programming platform. A task that once took hours to accomplish on a dedicated windows PC, with multiple software applications for keypads, RF remotes, and motor configurations now takes a few minutes from any standard web browser.

“We believe all products should work together and that consumers and end-users should have choices. The vision of Troy is to open up integration abilities across all brands and all communication topologies, allowing our integrators to be nimble in any situation,” said SI CEO Ryan Gustafson. “Troy becomes the ONE simple-to-use interface to program all wired and wireless devices and utilizes the latest cryptographic protocols to provide military-grade encryption for security.” 

Simple Software Results in Fast, Accurate Installations

The Troy IP Control Gateway’s built-in programming software is accessible via any web-enabled device, including Mac or PCs as well as mobile devices. On these devices Troy presents an intuitive user interface that steps integrators through the entire setup process, resulting in quicker, more accurate deployments of shades and screens. Programming can be handled prior to installation, and should any setting need to be adjusted post-installation, Troy can be accessed on the job site for on-the-fly software modifications.

Through Troy’s programming interface, shades and screens can be assigned unique ID addresses eliminating redundant and costly programming. This adds efficiency when grouping products together and delivering repeatable designs, which is particularly helpful for MDU installations where shading and screen installations are often identical across multiple residences. Troy has been engineered to integrate with SI’s range of popular 485, Zigbee 3.0, and RTS shade and screen motors, including Zen, Nano, Solo Pro 2, and MOTO 3 and 5 Series. It also facilitates the integration of SI shades and screens with control systems from leading manufacturers, including Control4, Crestron, Savant, and coming soon for Crestron Home, Elan, RTI, and URC.

Completing a shade and/or screen installation, Troy automatically detects and recognizes 485 keypads and RF receivers on the 485-based control network, presents them on the software’s user interface, and in a similar fashion to shade and screen configuration, walks integrators through the process of assigning commands to specific buttons.  

Measuring 4.1-in. by 8.5-in. @1RU, and boasting a plenum-rated attractive industrial design, the Troy IP Control Gateway mounts neatly, horizontally or vertically, into a standard equipment rack.