Projection screen manufacturer Severtson Screens, which manufactures screens for the home theater, commercial, pro A/V and cinema markets, has increased its roster of available screen sizes to include more larger screens, it has announced. The increase screens are available in the company’s Curved, Deluxe Frame, CW-GT Series, IF/LF Series and TF Series.

Said Aaron White, Home Theater & Pro AV sales lead at Severtson Corp: “With a number of new sizes to choose from, we have provided our customers with a host of additional high-end options for their installs.”

Increased sizes are available in the following lines:

  • Curved Screen (CF235165)
  • Deluxe Frame (DF235208; DF169300; DF169350; DF169390)
  • GT Series (GT169175CW; GT169200CW; GT169175CG; GT169200CG)
  • IF and LF Series (IL169165; IL235158)
  • TF Series (T235208; T169165)

Integrators should contact Severtson ( for additional materials, availability, options, and specifics per line.

The company has three Arizona-based production facilities and uses a robotic application system in its production processes to produce a wide array of screens for movie theaters to home theaters.