A unique new culinary content series, “Cooking in Your True to Food Kitchen,” which brings together noted chefs and interior designers, debuts today.  The program is a twist on Signature Kitchen Suite’s popular “True to Food” series hosted by acclaimed food writer Mark Bittman and featuring culinary artisans from around the country exploring how we can all get the best out of everything we cook. The series was founded on the idea that kitchen innovation is only truly worthwhile when it enhances the culinary experience.

In this new video series, best-selling cookbook author Bittman is joined by Nick Ritchie, executive chef from Signature Kitchen Suite’s award-winning Experience & Design Center in Napa, Calif. Together, they teach some of the country’s best interior designers how to cook Bittman’s signature recipes.

Bittman guides designers through a simple recipe selected from his iconic “How to Cook Everything” cookbook, while Ritchie offers some tips and advice along the way to showcase the vast capabilities of Signature Kitchen Suite’s culinary appliances – all complete with leading-edge technology to help today’s at-home chefs prepare foods in the best way possible.  The end result is gourmet-level dishes prepared by the designers themselves from their own kitchens.

“Signature Kitchen Suite is founded on the idea that better cooking is possible through better thinking,” Bittman said. “I appreciate that, at the heart of the True to Food mission, is the idea that innovation is only meaningful when it allows today’s home chefs and culinary enthusiasts to prepare food in the best, most authentic way.  To me, this is where the excitement begins in the kitchen.”  

Over the next few months, the Cooking in Your True to Food Kitchen video series will explore a range of cooking modalities and delicious recipes, and feature noted interior designers:

Signature Kitchen Suite General Manager Zach Elkin notes how True to Food has become an important movement towards a more authentic and respectful relationship with food.  

“Good food has a particular journey to the plate,” Elkin said. “The soil and the sea, the plant and the animal, the farmer, the fisherman, the butcher and the baker have all played their part. And each deserves the utmost respect,” Elkin said. “We believe the last portion of the path to your table calls for the same consideration. That’s why we’re pleased to offer a fresh spin on our True to Food mission by sharing doable gourmet recipes that bring the journey back to people’s homes at a time they seek to recreate fine dining meals in their own kitchens.”

Signature Kitchen Suite is embracing a new generation of forward-thinking Technicurean cooks, combining their passion for food with their appreciation for innovation and boasts an award-winning portfolio of luxury appliances. This summer, the brand is broadening its suite of built-in culinary appliances including pro-rangetops and wall ovens – all featuring the must-have innovation the brand is known for: sous vide technology. These versatile and high-performance appliances deliver the ultimate precision cooking experience.

To view the Cooking in Your True to Food Kitchen series and for more information on the full suite of appliances, visit SignatureKitchenSuite.com.