This installation represents a classic case of a very satisfied customer coming back for more. Doug Lamont, sales and system design manager for the Pittsburgh, Pa.-based integration firm Simply Automated, was called upon by a client whose Pennsylvania home he had automated 13 years earlier when it was built – with a very basic distributed music system. The clients had since built a new home in Florida, had that home outfitted with a control system, really liked the added functionality and asked Lamont to replicate that in their existing Pennsylvania residence. 

“I had set up a meeting in our showroom to discuss the possibilities, where I introduced them to Control4, and they loved everything they saw,” Lamont said. The discussion energized the clients, he added – and moved them to considerably expand automation and control aspects in the new system.  

“They were very receptive to making it all a little more special for them,” he explained. “We added voice control, and a bunch of bells and whistles, and I made suggestions, such as integrating their garage doors into the control system where they could tap a phone button to open them up. And they watch a lot of TV, so we updated all of those.”  

Because the clients spend time in different homes, they wanted full remote control and monitoring capabilities so they could keep an eye on the unoccupied residence.  

One of the challenges adroitly met by Simply Automated was the retrofitting of this comprehensive Control4 automation system into a large, completely finished home.  

“We figured it out and made a couple of strategically placed access holes here and there, using everything in our power to get wires from the basement to all points. My guys did an amazing job.”  And the clients wanted the works in this 10,000-square-foot home: full lighting control, HVAC control, music and central video distribution, security, a robust wireless network and an extensive outdoor music system.  

“We did a deep outdoor garden system encompassing eight or 10 speakers and in-ground subwoofers,” Lamont explained. “For security, we added eight surveillance cameras. All of it was hardwired. But my guys figured it out without doing a lot of drywall cutting, and with just a few paint touchups. 

“We were able to use the Paradigm speakers and speaker wires that were already in place in most areas, but very little else,” said Lamont. “We had to fish a mountain of Cat6 wires throughout. It was a very labor-intensive project. Unfortunately, our progress was abruptly stopped as the COVID-19 quarantine was implemented. So, we took a forced break for about eight weeks.” While this was an unavoidable situation, Lamont lauds the clients for “their incredible patience and understanding throughout this entire project.”  

“Working with our partners Control4, Snap AV and a handful of other manufacturers, we were able to retrofit a fantastic automation system,” continued Lamont. “We added a couple of extra special touches for this project as well. We accented an LG OLED TV in the family room with a wonderful Leon Speakers Media Décor Edge Media Frame. These frames are custom made for the TV and soundbar. This is a great product, and really made the application perfect.  

“In the end, our clients have a terrific system that they love – and Simply Automated has a project that we are extremely proud to share with everyone.”

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Equipment List

Control4 Automation & Distributed Music Systems 
Snap AV for Media Over IP (MOIP) Video Distribution
Araknis Network Products 
LUMA Surveillance System 
Wattbox Power Products 
Snap AV Strong TV Mounts & Racks  
SnapAV OvrC Products Voice Control System
Leon Speakers (Media Décor) Edge Media Frame and Soundbar
LG 77-inch OLED TV
Sunbrite Outdoor TV
Sony TVs
Paradigm Garden Oasis Outdoor Music System and Décor Custom Soundbar
ICE Cable Cat6, Speaker Wire, etc.