Zega has launched a line of Intelligent Cookware that is smart, app-enabled and, the company claims, “will revolutionize cooking.”

The Zega Intelligent Cookware features a double-wall insulated design, so that unlike a regular pot, Zega only needs to be heated for minutes in order to cook for hours. Home cooks only need to drop in their ingredients, let their Zega reach the right temperature, switch off the stove-top and walk away. No stirring, no tending, no risk of burning.

Without the need for gas or electricity, Zega’s self-cooking process uses retained heat to gently cook any meal to perfection, while its self-basting lid keeps food moist and succulent, locking in more flavour and nutrients.

Zega Intelligent Cookware is app-enabled. Users can access nutritious chef-prepared recipes, as well as remotely monitor cooking and receive notifications when it’s ready. Best of all, food stays at the ideal eating temperature for hours – no need for reheating.

The team behind Zega are a seasoned group of product designers and engineers, who have created products for a multitude of household brands – with 25 million units shipped worldwide. And, they’ve got form in the kitchen too – they were the developers of the Magic Bullet.

Zega Intelligent Cookware has been designed to allow cooks of all ages and abilities to effortlessly create healthy and nutritious meals, while its smartphone connectivity makes life easier and more enjoyable in the kitchen.

Key Intelligent Cookware features Zega states:

  1. Delicious & Healthy Meals Every Time. Zega locks in more flavor and nutrients
  2. Spend Less Time In The Kitchen. Zega cooks without direct heat – simply set and forget
  3. App-enabled. The Zega app monitors your meal, notifying you when it’s ready to eat
  4. Save Energy. Zega’s self-cooking process uses retained heat, like a Thermos, so you save on gas and electricity bills
  5. Superior And Stylish Design. Zega is designed to last and impress, with a lifetime warranty

Brendan Dunne, Co-Founder of Zega explains, “We all know the importance of nutrition and eating well. However, most people just don’t have the time or energy to spend hours in the kitchen cooking for themselves and their families. Conventional cooking takes a lot of time, requires our full attention, and ties us to the kitchen. We created Zega to make it simple and easy to cook healthy and nutritious home-cooked meals. It is walkaway cookware, so you spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing the things you love.”