Kate, an 88-year old resident, was bed-ridden, suffering from an illness. She was lonely and concerned that no one would find her in case an emergency occurred and was wondering how she could take care of herself. Luckily, Kate is a tenant at the innovative community Revel, which is a technology-enabled property that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Kate said, “It was a Godsend to have Revel here when I needed it most.” And the technology standing behind the magic at Revel is Caspar.AI.

“In 2017, we partnered with Caspar.AI to build automated buildings ensuring safety, comfort, and convenience for our senior residents,” said Fritz Wolff, Executive Chairman of The Wolff Company, a senior living development manufacturer. Remote automation, driven by Caspar.AI, enables on-site staff to maintain the highest level of service for residents, even with social distancing. Proactive alerting systems allow buildings to maintain safety and detect events such as the stove being left on or if there is a water leak.

If seniors are bed-ridden, performing normal tasks such as getting up to turn off the lights becomes challenging. Caspar’s artificial intelligence technology helps residents adjust their home environment – automatically modifying the climate, lighting, and shades without requiring anyone having to physically get up. For example, shades that automatically open in the morning lets natural light through to improve the well-being and morale of residents. 

To protect the health and well-being of seniors, they are being asked to stay at home in isolation. Even family members are not allowed to visit them. Self-isolation poses many challenges. Caspar smart homes are acting as a personal assistant to motivate residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle during times of isolation. For example, Caspar adapts the home by turning on soft white lights and playing motivational music to create a suitable home environment for exercising.

Seniors become inactive for a variety of reasons, such as illness, fall or insufficient participation in physical activity. Caspar detects resident inactivity using federated machine learning from IoT sensor-equipped homes and notifies their respective care circle. This helps incident detection without requiring on-site staff to enter the home, thus providing care proactively. 

Intelligent homes enable seniors like Kate to live safely while enjoying a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle centered around their independence. As Kate’s daughter explained, “I can finally sleep well knowing that my mother is safe and well cared for, especially in these challenging times.”

About Revel

Revel is a refined senior living community centered around independence. At Revel, a healthy lifestyle is promoted by offering best-in-class wellness services.

About Caspar.AI

Caspar helps promote a healthy and comfortable lifestyle for seniors, ensuring they can live independently in the comfort of their own home. Real-estate developers partner with Caspar to remotely manage their apartments, drive additional revenue while enhancing resident experience and safety.