When it comes to creating the ultimate outdoor oasis, one of the first orders of business is deciding what type of structure is needed. It should be flexible, providing both shade and leaks of sunlight when desired; offer protection from wind, rain and other elements; and most importantly, feel like a natural extension of the home.  

One of the best examples of this is by StruXure, a smart pergola and cabana company for residential and commercial builds.  

As our magazine has highlighted time and time again, so many areas inside our homes can be automated and controlled to our exact liking. But the outside of our homes is a whole new ballgame with its own set of unique challenges for integrators and homeowners alike. But StruXure says they have “yet to encounter an angle, slope, or climate that they couldn’t conquer.” Through precise measurements and a careful installation process, even the smallest patios and largest outdoor dining areas can be covered and controlled.  

As the day progresses and the seasons change, smart pergolas have the ability to adapt quickly and easily to create the desired atmosphere. Unlike inside the home, some people may prefer to block the light during the day to prevent sunburn and keep the area cool. At night, they may choose to open up the louvers and pans to look up at the night sky. A remote control, app, and voice commands can achieve all of these desired motions; plus, the pergola itself is intuitive enough to make adjustments on its own.  

StruXure’s Pergola X and Cabana X detect potentially hazardous weather conditions like rain, wind, snow, and freezing temperatures. Once winds exceed 60 MPH, a wind sensor automatically opens the louvers, letting the air flow freely throughout the system to minimize potential uplift. The pergolas can also detect rain and snow and will close up to save patio cushions from getting wet and damaged. An internal gutter system also helps water flow safely away from the space, the same way it does for a home.  

In addition to these features, StruXure’s approach also aligns closely with Connected Design’s mission to bridge the gap between architects, designers, and custom integrators. Not only do they offer consultations with their design team and provide architects and designers with drawings, 3D models and other materials, but they also allow architects to earn AIA Continuing Education credits through their course, “Exterior Motorized Shade & Shelter,” because when home pros are all on the same page, everybody wins.