Unlike cooking, baking is a science. Measurements must be precise in order to replicate a recipe. It is not as simple as filling up a measuring cup with an ingredient. Brown sugar must be packed into the cup and flour must be delicately scooped in because weight is what really matters. Although many bakers use scales, it is not that common for the household chef or baker. Smart gadgets can be helpful for these home cooks. 

Pantry Chic Storage System is a unique ingredient storage and dispensary system. This comes with canisters to store ingredients in and a dispenser with a digital scale. This allows the user to portion flour, sugar, rice, coffee, and so much more. It has five units of measure: grams, ounces, cups, as well as teaspoons and tablespoons.  


These clear storage canisters are air-tight and BPA free. Allowing you to see how much you have left and keep your ingredients fresh. There are two available sizes and all containers stack which keeps everything organized. 


Pantry Chic can connect to Chefling, a smart kitchen assistant app, and keep track of your ingredients. Chefling will know what you have in stock and suggest recipes based on that information. After you choose a recipe from Chefling and put the right storage container on the Pantry Chic, it will dispense the correct amount without your input to adjust the quantity. 


This system eliminates the mess and many dishes of measuring out the content of a recipe. You no longer need measuring spoons, cups, or a scale because those are all built into the Pantry Chic. When dispensing a cup of rice for dinner, you simply put the canister that contains rice on top of the Pantry Chic and use the interface to select one cup. This system allows you to produce consistent meals time and time again. 

This is the perfect tool for someone with kids as it eliminates the mess or perhaps for someone who doesn’t care about exact measurements when baking. Because just a couple grams off could ruin your cake. A price of $349.95 ensures perfect results every time.