Snap One announced July 25 that U.S. partners can purchase Digital Watchdog surveillance products through its e-commerce portal. The easy availability of Digital Watchdog products through the online portal provides Snap One’s partners with a quick and simple purchasing experience. 

“Snap One is committed to providing convenient purchasing options for all our Partners,” Andras Balassy, Senior Business Development Manager at Snap One, said. “The new online availability makes our web portal even more valuable for Partners across the U.S. by offering surveillance products at multiple levels of sophistication and cost, enabling greater design flexibility and ability to tackle different types of jobs.” 

Digital Watchdog and Snap One 

Digital Watchdog offers a wide range of surveillance solutions that include video management systems (VMS), edge analytics, and server analytics. VMS combine software and hardware to help users automatically monitor events from any number of surveillance cameras, alarms or sensors. Hardware can encompass cameras, encoders for analog camera systems and servers for video processing and storage. 

Digital Watchdog’s technology is compatible with the majority of Snap One’s current product offerings in addition to major manufacturers in the video market. 

Snap One began offering Digital Watchdog products in-stores in late 2022. Current Digital Watchdogs dealers can port their authorized dealer status onto Snap One’s system. 

This new partnership can be beneficial for Snap One partners. Snap One partners are afforded free half-day in-person training sessions on Advanced Surveillance with Video Analytics at Local Pro Stores across the country through December. All sessions last four hours and begin at 8:00 AM local time. Partners must register online. The locations and dates of these sessions are as follows: 

8/3 – Troy, MI 

8/29 – Sacramento, CA 

9/12 – Charlotte, NC 

9/12 – Marietta, GA 

9/14 – Nashville, TN 

9/14 – Elk Grove, IL 

9/14 – Lenexa, KS 

9/21 – Scottsdale, AZ 

11/7 – Carmel, IN 

11/9 – Eden Prairie, MN 

12/5 – Houston, TX 

12/7 – Dallas, TX