Snap One has introduced a new line of Binary BX 8K Active HDMI Cables, which are designed to support 8K UHD at 60Hz 4:2:0 and up to 10K at 30 Hz 4:4:4. They also display 4K at 120Hz and 4K at 60Hz 4:4:4 and handle transmission speeds up to 48Gbps.

“This new line ensures that Partners are prepared for today’s latest 8K capable TV’s, AV receivers from Denon, Marantz and Yamaha as well as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X gaming consoles,” said David Chen, Product Manager at Snap One.

The Binary HDMI cables feature Zinc alloy connector heads, superior pull and bend strength, and GripTek™ connectors, ensuring up to 8 lbs of pull force is needed to remove the cable from the HDMI port. The new active cables also simplify installation without the need for external power.

All Binary HDMI cables also feature:

  • an ultra-pliable jacket for flexibility with a tighter bend radius;
  • a low-profile connector that can save space; and
  • high-performance micro-electronics that automatically monitor and protect signals to ensure reliable transmission.

The new line of Binary BX 8K Active Cables support high-resolution audio and video formats, including Dolby® ATMOS, DTS™-X, and HDMI® 3D.