SnapAV has acquired HCA Distributing in Denver and Salt Lake City. Immediately following the acquisition, Volutone expanded the Salt Lake City location by moving operations to a 10,000-square-foot store that is more than double the size of the original.

 Trevor Hansen, Manager of the SnapAV Volutone business unit, said he is proud to add HCA, which will serve partners in two “very important markets.” 

Wally Whinna, SnapAV Senior Vice President of Local, explained: “As a result of our recent store expansions throughout the country, we’ve learned that larger locations help us to best serve our partners due the increased demand on inventory to support substantial revenue increases.” He added that the goal is to have product in stock for immediate delivery.

With this acquisition, Volutone now operates a total of 10 SnapAV Pro Store branches throughout the U.S. Add to that 17 other locations, and SnapAV’s total footprint is 27 stores as of March 2021. Both former HCA locations will be immediately outfitted with all SnapAV brands and products to provide same-day access for local partners.

Supplementing HCA’s product assortment in Denver and Salt Lake City, Volutone will add products and solutions from Sony, Samsung, SONOS, Klipsch, KEF, Yamaha, Ubiquiti, and RTI, to name a few.

The SnapAV Pro Store program started in 2018 and will soon include a total of 30 stores in major metro markets throughout the country. Renovations are being made to SnapAV Local Pro Stores to offer an open shopping platform, where customers can browse aisles of products freely, access training facilities and interact with sales staffs. In select stores, there is a 24-hour will-call room, where partners can access products any time. While on-site training and product demonstrations were put on hold in 2020, they are expected to return by Q4 2021.