SnapAV has launched its all-new Episode CORE line of architectural speakers, featuring new materials, weatherproof models for outdoor installation and three distinct series at various price points.

Matt Kamp, Senior Director, Product Management Audio Solutions, explained: “We designed the affordable Episode CORE line based on the National Research Council’s principles of low distortion, wide dispersion and flat frequency response to deliver superior performance for customers no matter if it’s in a home theater, a bedroom or an outdoor patio.” 

The CORE line includes the 1 Series, 3 Series and 5 Series, with the 1 Series combining price and performance for entry-level multi-room audio installations. All series feature a limited lifetime warranty, a tweeter bridge that acts as a handle during installation, bezel-less grilles, and optional construction brackets that simplify installation. To that end, CORE speakers use the same grilles and preconstruction brackets as all of Episode’s architectural speakers, allowing SnapAV Partners to carry fewer SKUs and more easily upgrade or swap out speakers.

The 3 Series and 5 Series feature premium materials and add outdoor, all-weather options along with dual voice coil surround (DVCS) models that enables Partners to rely on fewer SKUs that can be used in multiple situations. Dual voice coil attributes make the DVCS models ideal as single speakers or for small room applications, while bi-pole functionality makes the exact same speaker suitable for home theaters and media rooms.

The value-priced 1 Series features:

  • 6” in-ceiling, 6” in-wall and an 8” in ceiling speaker, all sold in pairs
  • mylar dome tweeters, paired with vacuum-formed polypropylene woofers

The 3 Series:

  • extends audio outdoors
  • includes stainless steel hardware, a rubber cover over the rear magnet, and special coatings on magnets and grilles 
  • includes 6” and 8” in-ceiling speakers, and 6” and 8” in-ceiling dual voice coil models for outdoor all-weather options
  • includes 6” and 8” in-ceiling models, 6” in-wall surround and LCR models, a 6” in-ceiling point speaker model, and 6” and 8” dual voice coil models for indoor options.

The 3 Series features the same vacuum-formed polypropylene woofers as the 1 Series, with an upgraded fabric dome tweeter that produces smooth frequency response, wide dispersion for higher frequencies and low distortion.

The 5 Series features:

  • extra-durable Teteron dome tweeters that deliver excellent clarity at higher volumes 
  • tweeter adjustment switch that offers 3dB of tuning 
  • includes nine models, with 6” and 8” in-ceiling models plus dual voice coil versions of each, a 6” in-ceiling point speaker, 6” in-wall surround and LCR speakers, and an all-weather 6” in-ceiling solution with an accompanying dual voice coil model