Dayton, NJ (August 15, 2023) – Somfy, the world’s largest manufacturer of motors for interior window coverings and exterior solar protections, announced today the launch of the Sonesse® 30 PoE motor. This innovative motor, and other Power over Ethernet (PoE) controlled devices, enhance control for users to create custom commands and manage large spaces using a single application to help lower operational costs and improve efficiency. Somfy will showcase the new Sonesse 30 PoE motor at CEDIA EXPO booth 2724 from September 7-9 in Denver, Colorado.

Somfy Improves Motorized Window Covering Control
Image: Somfy

The Sonesse 30 PoE motor allows for a seamless installation process due to the low voltage and easy wiring, increasing safety and eliminating the need for an electrician. Plus, motors are immediately discoverable and ready for commissioning by using a web GUI; a physical setting tool is not needed. For building owners who are seeking a solution to reduce operational costs, the networking feature of PoE allows network cables to carry electrical DC power and IP data connectivity over an existing data connection with a single Cat5e/Cat6 ethernet cable.

“Comfort and convenience are built into the delivery of Somfy motors and the Sonesse 30 PoE motor is no different. We are continually innovating to develop high value-added services and products and to accelerate the digitalization features that help us best meet the needs and habits of our customers,” said Dan Niemirka, Senior Product Manager of Motors & Accessories at Somfy North America. “The new Sonesse 30 PoE motor uses Somfy Synergy, which allows for direct integration to your favorite third-party control system without the need for additional hardware. This is exactly what the CEDIA channel needs,” he added.

The Somfy Synergy™ Application Programming Interface (API) is available to simplify integrations with third-party control systems. Somfy designs solutions that are intentionally open, offering certified drivers for third-party automation systems.

“Somfy is in the process of certifying its interoperability with the Control4 smart living platform. We are delighted to be among the first to partner with Somfy to roll out this solution to our custom installation partners. Somfy’s new motor technology is a fantastic complement to our lines of Araknis and Access Networks switches and our custom roller shades,” said Noel Gouff, VP Business/Corporate Development at Snap One.

The motor is equipped with independently adjustable speed in both directions, as well as soft start and soft stop features. It is a convenient solution for glare reduction and privacy and offers real-time feedback on shade positioning. The motor has the ability to operate on pre-set scenes and schedules plus the superior silent performance makes it a seamless addition to any space with reduced light leakage due to the minimal light gap. The shorter motor length allows for installation in smaller windows and the thin round head with interchangeable color options creates a smooth transition into the shade and tube profile, allowing it to easily match any interior decor.

Powering devices using PoE can protect network equipment from overload, underpowering, or incorrect installation. Power coming from a central and universally compatible source, rather than a collection of distributed wall adaptors, allows devices to be easily reset or disabled and an uninterruptible power supply can backup data. This also allows for greater flexibility in device placements and relocations without connectivity disruptions as there is no need for products to be tethered to electrical outlets. 

PoE allows for data to travel in both directions providing deeper insights and opportunities to enhance the environment. It is already commonly used in buildings for LED lighting power supply and control and an update to current IEEE PoE Electrical industry standards increasing to 90 watts will make it easier to power larger devices and motors, such as the Sonesse 30 PoE. 

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