Home battery maker sonnen has announced the immediate availability of the ecoLinx 30 intelligent energy storage system, providing a larger-capacity solution to the company’s eco-conscious customers. The ecoLinx 30 integrates sonnen’s intelligent, safe, and long-lasting battery chemistry with solar, leading automation platforms, and controllable breakers to help manage clean energy delivery in the smart home.

The increased capacity of the sonnen ecoLinx 30 can power homes for longer periods of time, granting access to a greater amount of on-site, clean energy available day and night. ecoLinx 30 can also extend how long the home is powered with clean energy during peak periods, cloudy days, and beyond and can offer increased resiliency during power outages along with the additional benefits that result from using an intelligent battery to manage energy usage.

ecoLinx 30 features sonnen’s warranty of 15,000 charge cycles/15 years as well as the same ability to add energy automation functionality as the existing ecoLinx product portfolio. And with a new, shorter-and- wider form factor, ecoLinx 30 offers greater flexibility and versatility for placing energy storage in and around the home.

By working with new or existing solar systems, leading automation platforms, and controllable breakers, ecoLinx 30 joins the existing portfolio of sonnen energy automation products in offering smart weather forecasting, smart configurable backup power, smart demand control and load management to provide greater overall management of energy usage in the home. The sonnen ecoLinx 30 is also eligible for participation in growing “bring your own battery” programs that provide homeowners with access to cash back through select utilities when they share their battery’s excess clean energy for grid demand response programs.