The New Collection Introduces “Ci-Fi” High Fidelity Custom Installation Audio

Sonus faber is proud to announce Arena, the heritage brand’s latest custom installation speaker collection offering incredible sonic performance, packaged in the refined Italian design associated with Sonus faber’s artisans. Arena combines Sonus faber’s signature natural sound with the dynamics and power required for home cinema.

Sonus faber first entered the custom installation space in 2019 with its Palladio series of integrated home solutions. This experience allowed the company’s acoustic and engineering experts to develop the new Arena series, a huge step forward for home theater innovation, merging in-wall installation with home customization to expand flexibility and personalization for the user. Arena embodies the balance between acoustic power, sonic definition, and innovation, handmade to last.

“The new family of speakers is the result of a relentless synergy between the company’s technology and design departments,” said Livio Cucuzza, Sonus faber Chief of Design and Vice President of R&D. “From the very beginning, the goal was to ensure the natural sound characteristics that distinguish our products could be applied directly to the world of home theater, and our team worked collaboratively to make that dream a reality.”

Made in Italy, the Arena collection will premiere at CEDIA 2022 in (3) models but will continue as an ongoing, living project, adding new solutions to guarantee the best CI-FI experience for all –

  • ARENA 30: 4-way LCR speaker equipped with a 38mm silk dome tweeter and 19mm super tweeter
  • ARENA 20: 3.5-way speaker boasting the renowned Voice of Sonus faber, with an added solid solution
  • ARENA S15: Modular balanced subwoofer that is the industry’s first-in-class bass provider *Please find full technical specifications below Arena will be available via Authorized Sonus faber Dealers beginning October 2022, starting at $7,000 USD MSR:
  • ▪  ArenaS15:$7,000
  • ▪  Arena 20: $10,000
  • ▪  Arena 30: $15,000