A recent report released by International research firm Parks Associates claims 79% of US broadband households are concerned about data security and/or privacy issues. 

“The rising need for seamless and more holistic digital protection creates a business opportunity for many ecosystem players in the connected home security space,” said Brad Russell, Director, Research, Parks Associates. “Service providers can deploy a variety of business models for security solutions, from value-added services that shore up the value of a broadband subscription to segmentation strategies leveraging freemium models with premium service tiers that generate additional revenue.”

“One of the golden opportunities for service providers within the smart home ecosystem is this concept of providing ‘secured,’ seamless connectivity, everywhere,” said Brian Murray, Regional Head of Consumer Security for North America, F-Secure. “This is where choosing the right security and privacy partner can make a difference. It isn’t just about securing consumers’ own devices and home networks. It’s about the trust consumers place in companies and the responsibilities companies have to consumers for protecting their entire digital life.”