At the All Energy Australia 2023 event, Sungrow, a global leader in inverters and energy storage systems, unveiled its latest high-powered residential single-phase hybrid inverters, the SH8.0RS and SH10RS. These innovative inverters offer a simplified multi-layer protection design and are compatible with high-capacity SBR/SBH batteries, enabling more households to enjoy clean, whole-home backup power. The SH8.0 and SH10RS series support DC/AC ratio oversizing and employ Sungrow’s Global MPPT technology to boost system efficiency by 2%, resulting in cost savings.

These inverters also provide 1.3 times higher overload capacity, making them ideal for whole-house backup when combined with Sungrow’s large capacity batteries. Additionally, the system seamlessly switches to backup power within 10ms during power outages. The SH8.0-10RS features an upgraded design with simplified installation, and users can monitor their system’s performance and device status in real-time through Sungrow’s iSolarCloud platform. Safety is paramount, with AFCI 2.0 technology for arc fault detection and a three-layer EMC wave filter for magnetic interference protection. Sungrow’s commitment to innovation and clean energy solutions extends to various applications, including smart microgrids, with a focus on providing safer, more efficient, and user-friendly renewable energy solutions.