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Azione Introduces DISH Custom Integration Program to Members

Azione Unlimited has announced that DISH is joining The Smart Home Association as its newest vendor member. Azione Unlimited members now have access to DISH’s best-in-class luxury residential and commercial video offerings, including the company’s flagship satellite television, and its live streaming and over-the-air solutions, SLING TV and AirTV. “The beauty of DISH joining Azione Unlimited is its ability to expand…

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Azione Virtual Vendor Cocktail Party Creates Open Dialogue, Calming Effect

Challenging the shifting circumstances of a disrupted industry, Azione Unlimited President Richard Glikes hosted its first Virtual Vendor Cocktail Party. The virtual webinar allowed vendor members to connect with Glikes, reflecting on recent business-focused webinars, a candid discussion about the future of the industry, insight into everyone’s ‘new normal’, and a silver-lining outlook in maintaining strong business during a crippling world pandemic.…

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The Subject of Home Wellness Builds Momentum

While the dedicated study and practice of wellness has ancient roots, the word itself is quite modern. Initially gaining traction in the 1950s, recent developments fueled by technology have spurred a wellness explosion that’s influencing a current hot topic: home wellness. There is an important distinction between health and wellness, the latter dependent upon preventative care. When applied to the larger context, and borrowing from…

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