Jan Vitrofsky, founder of HEDSouth, has been working in the electronics industry since 1975 and launched his own company in 1984. Along with his team, he has built a portfolio of customized and simple solutions for both private and globally-recognized clients such as ABC, CBS, Sony, Disney and the White House. Today, HEDsouth provides solutions that encompass entertainment, health and wellness, lighting, shades and smart home control throughout Florida and California. Connected Design spoke with Vitrofsky to find out what products he loves to use to accomplish those solutions.

Lighting Fixtures

DMF Lighting

Ketra & DMF Lighting:
As an industry, we are the educators, and quality of light is one where there hasn’t been as much consumer education on the importance of it. This is typically due to lack of knowledge and information sharing with clients. Lighting and fixtures are often among the first to get cut out of a tech budget. Yet in the end, one of the most important elements of a home or space is the vibe we create for the customer. How their technology, décor, people and artwork look are vital, and lighting and fixtures are core to that overall vibe and the environment.”

Wellness is a category we love and have been strong advocates for since 2017 when we first met with Delos. Long before the pandemic, we understood our clients were seeking overall happiness and wellbeing, particularly at home. The wellness category has grown exponentially over the past couple of years, and now sharing the benefits with clients is easier than ever. They want to live longer and better, they want to sleep better, and they want that quality of life we can now deliver through technology. When we educate them on what is available, this almost always becomes part of their HEDsouth system.”

Access and Control


Crestron and Savant:
“While it may not seem the case, just years ago control over every subsystem in a home was not top of mind for customers. When we deliver entertainment, shading, lighting and more, the real beauty and elegance of it all lies in our ability to make the use experience as simple as possible to operate for the homeowner. We like control because it makes their investment in individual things, such as TVs or music, achieve their full potential. A touch to turn off the music and start your favorite Netflix series in seconds still wows our customers every time.”

Sound and Music


Music has an emotional impact on the brain that can evoke memories and experiences to bring pleasure to people unlike most anything else. Being able to hear and enjoy it in a way that brings that feeling of a live concert or a nostalgic moment in time is so important to every client and project, that we almost never deliver a system without speakers, subwoofers and a multi-room music experience these days. This system also is one of the most used we put into our customer’s homes.”

Home Cinema

Pro Audio

Pro Audio for Sound and Sony Projectors for Video:
With people going out less due to the current world conditions, creating a special entertainment sanctuary within a home for family members has become one of our most requested spaces. For many, the cinema used to be only available by going out of the house, and we are seeing more clients wanting to invest in creating that unique cinematic experience right at home. We find it also brings people together to nourish relationships between individuals and an entire family.”