From the naked eye, it can be impossible to tell how much security some of the most beautiful homes in the world truly have. This is because discerning homeowners know they have a wealth of smart home security solutions available that won’t interrupt the feng shui or destroy the curb appeal like a flying brick through a window.  

While at one time it may have been the trend to show off every piece of tech your home was outfitted with both inside and out, homeowners are moving toward simplicity. Simplicity and security may not seem to jive – you may think bulky surveillance cameras, over-sized keypads and a wall cluttered with the interface to arm and disarm the home – but there are a wealth of simple solutions integrators can tap into to keep security concealed and clients happy.

Hidden Sensors 

Much like the already-popular invisible fences designed to keep Fido from running for the hills, wireless sensors can be placed nearly anywhere on a consumer’s property. Relatively easy to install, these can detect motion when someone parks in front of the house or pulls into the homeowners’ driveway. They can also be buried around the perimeter of the yard, working the same way as the driveway sensors. Motion triggers a notification to an app or can trigger outdoor lights to illuminate.

Smart Garage Door Openers  

The front door is far from the only entry point into the house, or the only place valuable property is stored. Adding additional security to the garage are a simple addition to any smart home ecosystem that can give homeowners peace of mind. While traditional fobs can offer great convenience, technology can take it a step further. A smart garage door system can offer remote access through a smartphone app, users can open and close their garage doors from anywhere and receive real-time alerts eliminating the worry that their garage was left open. Ultimately, the smart garage door system streamlines daily routines while bolstering home safety, making it another attractive concealed investment.

The Case for Simple Security Solutions

Wireless Smart Strikes 

The concept of a door strike is centuries old, but the addition of smart home technology to a door strike has made it an invaluable addition to any home without detracting from a given aesthetic. A wireless door strike can be retrofitted into a door frame, making them an easy addition to add a layer of protection to the things a homeowner values most. 

Smart door strikes like the DEN SmartStrike™ are part of the cutting-edge push for new solutions in access control. Homeowners can have full control over who can gain entry to their home and when. Whoever has the correct credentials, whether it’s through a guest pass code or app authentication, the system sends a signal to the door strike to release the locking mechanism.  Homeowners who may be skittish about wireless solutions can still use a traditional key with the DEN SmartStrike making it a great entry point product for this demographic.

In a world where smart homes are becoming more prevalent, the case for simple security solutions stands strong. Discerning homeowners seek to balance security without compromising aesthetics. Hidden sensors discreetly monitor property, providing motion detection and notifications without disrupting the overall look of the home. Smart garage door openers offer remote access and real-time alerts, securing additional entry points while streamlining daily routines. Wireless smart strikes merge traditional door protection with smart technology, granting controlled access without sacrificing style. These affordable and unobtrusive security options not only provide peace of mind but also serve as an entry point for integrators to introduce more smart home solutions throughout the property. Embracing simplicity, homeowners can ensure their homes remain safe and stylish in the modern age.