The fifth annual Tech Up For Women Conference began streaming at 9 a.m. live from New York City on November 16th with an impressive line up of speakers. With experts from some of the largest companies in the word, there was truly something for everyone to learn from and enjoy. The power of technology and its effects on virtually every aspect of our lives was the key theme connecting all the speakers throughout the day. Talks ranging from social media tips, digital privacy, artificial intelligence, medical technology and space technology were covered, along with topics including finances, web development, diversity and much more. With so much information, the event was recorded allowing ticket holders to go back at watch presentations they missed or wanted to view again.  

Barbara Humpton from Siemens gave an insightful presentation to kick off the day on the future of tech and its potential impact. With her company focusing on connecting the physical world that they helped create through technology, Humpton’s words showed her excitement for what the next decade is going to bring. 

“This is the moment for industry, for infrastructure,” said Humpton. “This is the decade in which people will connect things.” 

With all the advancements made, now innovators are beginning to make all of the ideas in interconnectedness a reality. This will be a decade full of inspiring technology growth and connections. 

With all the growth that is expected over the next decade, the event organizers made sure to include technology from all sectors. Kathy Murray from Tech Up For Women hosted an engrossing talk with Dr. Lisa Costa from the U.S. Spaceforce about STEM and her climb to the top. Not only was this talk informative and fun to listen to, but Dr. Costa seemed to speak directly to those young women in STEM. Her impressive resume, the glass ceiling she overcame and her push into the top echelons of government seemed obtainable for all with her humble yet confident manner. 

“Join us!” said Dr. Costas about Spaceforce. “There is a large amount of energy here!”