Savant, a leader in smart home and smart power technology, has ushered in a new era of smart home innovation with its new AI technology. Savant’s AI engine has been designed to interpret natural language from Siri, as well as triggers from AirTags, near-field communications (NFC) tags, and geofencing to easily control entertainment, comfort, lighting, energy, and security throughout the entire home. 

“As the first complete control and automation solution built on an Apple platform, we’re committed to providing Savant and Apple users with an advanced and best-in-class smart home experience for every living space inside and out,” said Bob Madonna, CEO of Savant. “And the combination of Savant AI technology with Siri allows for seemingly limitless applications driven by the imagination of the integrator and homeowner.”  

Savant’s AI technology integrates with Apple’s Siri. Image courtesy of Savant.

Savant AI: Home Automation with Ease

Over the last five years, Savant has developed AI-driven voice capabilities that allow for natural language voice recognition. Its AI technology interprets a string of natural language voice commands to allow for a simple hands-free experience. It can also be triggered through Siri Shortcuts, allowing for additional hands-free automations such as geofencing or tapping an Apple AirTag or NFC tag. 

Imagine asking Siri on an Apple Watch to activate a Savant Scene that plays your Apple Music playlist, all while light colors dynamically react to the beat and rhythm of the music. Or ask Siri on an Apple HomePod to dim the living room lights, turn on the Apple TV and launch Disney+. In addition to these Apple devices, the Savant Pro Remote, which already integrates with Siri, is another voice input in the home that can leverage Savant AI technology for easy control. 

The possibilities for applications indoors and out are endless and extend into the vehicle, where Savant AI technology via Apple CarPlay can enhance personal safety and security as you approach the home. Other AI-powered possibilities include tapping an Apple AirTag on your keys that turns the lights off and enables security in the home. Or tap an NFC tag in an entryway to launch the Savant Welcome Scene. 

The Launch of daVinci 10.4

With the recent launch of Savant daVinci 10.4, Savant has also made it possible to build Apple Music into Savant Scenes and custom automations. Apple Music joined the Savant Music experience and features a personalized dashboard, plus the ability to search and create playlists across multiple music services without the hassle of switching apps. 

Savant daVinci 10.4 will also give users the ability to ask Siri to control the entire Cync platform of smart home products from GE Lighting, a Savant company. This includes the Cync Dynamic Effects entertainment lighting portfolio. Users can experience millions of brilliant colors and exciting light shows that move to music by simply asking Siri to get the party started. Access to these capabilities requires a Mac-based host as well as a subscription to Savant Essentials. 

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