As its name suggests, The Quest Group, parent company of AudioQuest and GoldenEar, defines itself as existing “in an ongoing state of evolution…striving to improve the ways we justify our existence, communicate our philosophies and goals, educate and engage our many audiences.” 

It also recognizes this evolution in the industry. And with this in mind, it has chosen to elevate a few of its members to new positions—Matt Hegt, Director of E-Commerce; Frédéric Pinsonneault, National Sales Director, Canada; and Shaun Schuetz, Chief Sales Officer

As director of E-Commerce, Hegt will serve “as a guardian of [the] brands’ identity and integrity.” He is charged with “ensuring products are accurately and beautifully presented throughout the online marketplace;” and providing assets, information and tools necessary to communicate products to customers. 

Hegt will continue working with Amazon Marketplace to make Quest products more accessible.

Pinsonneault is known for providing “exceptional” support for Canadian consumers by hosting educational seminars at dealer events, managing AudioQuest’s participation in regional shows, interacting with the local press, or providing technical expertise. His new role will allow him to be “more vocal and visible.” 

Pinsonneault will continue to collaborate with Rashpal Rai (RSM, Western Canada) to further strengthen the presence of both AudioQuest and GoldenEar throughout Canada. He will also continue to work within The Quest Group’s larger sales and marketing teams, improving efforts to educate and engage salespeople, dealers, etc.

Schuetz, with 20 years of experience in the global audio/video industry, possesses a “keen understanding and appreciation for the needs and values of our diverse marketplace,” across various sales and marketing channels. He is “always eager to strengthen relationships at both the personal and collective levels.”

The Quest Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Bill Low, noted: “With our strong relationships and with Matt, Fred, and Shaun officially anchored into their new roles, I feel absolutely confident that we’ll successfully and gracefully navigate any shifts the evolving market presents while significantly advancing our collective sales, marketing, and educational efforts.”