Having a smart kitchen doesn’t just entail having appliances and gadgets that prep and/or cook your food, but also includes the devices that dispose of the detritus. Composting is known to be a great and sustainable way to dispose of food scraps at home, but it is limited, confusing, and daunting for some. For example, my family has a composting tumbler that is not sufficiently large for the four of us. Even with ample backyard space, we are still working out the carbon/nitrogen ratio and mechanics of how to store, dry and spread the resulting mulch. We purchased this tumbler during the height of the pandemic when we had more time to focus on it, however, when our schedules went back to normal, we no longer prioritized composting. When the Lomi, a countertop smart composter, began showing up on my TikTok, I was instantly intrigued.

Smart Composter

The Lomi can transform carrot peelings, coffee ground, and spoiled leftovers into dirt in as little as four hours. This cuts down on the weeks or months it typically takes to break down scraps. Although this is a counter top device and quite small compared to a typical outdoor composter, the short period of time it takes to fully compost makes it more efficient than a larger one. Additionally, it neutralizes odors, unlike outdoor composter’s that are quite smelly and attract bugs. Best of all, it reduces the food waste that is normally placed with trash and is largely responsible for the methane emitted in landfills. Lomi isn’t the only indoor composting device on the market, but it is a highly rated one. Retailing at $499, which is comparable to the other competitors. This is a smart device to make a daily task that much easier. A smart composter will make your food use and kitchen smarter and more sustainable.