This winner of a CEDIA Life Lived Best at Home Award was part of a complete remodel of a mid-century home that was built for a young couple who felt technology integration was absolutely key to their living experience. 

One of the systems that most impressed the CEDIA judging panel in this home was the distributed audio. The client wanted music at background levels throughout the house, and wanted each room to deliver consistent sound. The integrator used different-sized Sonance speakers in the various rooms, and custom-programmed each channel. 

A variety of video sources are sent to five Sony LED TVs located throughout the residence, including two covered outdoor locations.  


The Lutron RadioRA2 system controls all the lighting, fireplaces and shades in the residence. Extensive collaboration with the client went into programming the lighting, and the result is truly personalized to the owners’ day-to-day routines and social lifestyle. Controls by Savant cover all pool and spa functions – including the color-changing LED lights and waterfall. 

“We created several astronomic timeclock functions: These scenes trigger shades going up at sunset, down in the mid-day when the sun is brightest inside the house. Shades go up around sunset to showcase the view,” Cantara told CEDIA. 

“A great number of Savant scenes have been created in the home to enable true one-touch magic. These scenes vary from ‘Dinner Party,’ which affects 15 rooms of music and lighting, to our favorite scene called ‘Everyday’ which creates the perfect mood for any night with the owners at home together. All of the scenes include lighting, shades, music, and HVAC — and some include pool lighting, and outdoor audio and fireplaces inside and outside the house.”