It is well documented that spaces without windows affect more than mood. Windowless areas are known to negatively influence a person’s health, effect productivity, sleep patterns and energy levels. There are also logistical and structural reasons that a window is not possible for a building or home leading to the advent of the virtual window. A quick internet search for “windows without a view” brings up article after article of how to remedy this situation with a virtual window.

There are virtual windows currently on the market, but the offerings are limited. The options are typically inexpensive panels in a simple frame that mount on the wall like a tv. A couple have 15 to 120 minutes of curated video content that play in a loop, while others are no more than a flat image with LED lighting behind it.

Enter LiquidView

LiquidView has taken the idea of a virtual window and turned it into something utterly unique. More than just a looping video on a panel, the LiquidView LV window offers so much more.

“Like so many people, I have lived in homes and worked in offices with no views, or terrible ones,” says LiquidView CEO, and filmmaker, Mitch Braff. “Improving people’s lives through giving anyone a beautiful view was the catalyst for starting LiquidView. Our windows literally transform rooms.”

The creation of the LiquidView WindowLV was a collaborative effort that included architects, interior designers, and the best minds in the industry. Noah Kaplan, founder, and president of Leon Speakers was ready to be a part of the process right away.

“This product has the potential to solve some of the biggest challenges that architects and designers face,” Kaplan explained. “Imagine being able to provide a view to anywhere in the world, in any space. It’s mind-blowing really.” Kaplan and Leon Speakers proved to be an invaluable partner with the design of the installation kit with stunning display frames.

By design the WindowLV is meant for installation flush into the wall. The customized frames designed by the team at Leon Speakers give balance to the display and are instrumental to the overall visual of the window. The trim ready installation kit is also ready to match any interior. “I have been working with Leon Speakers on projects with Media Decor frames for years,” said Braff, “it was natural to partner with them on this project.”

Unmatched Content

Part of the brilliance of LiquidView is the cinematography and time synchronization of the content. Views for WindowLV are shot in 8K over a 24-hour period. The Sony Venice cameras (which are used to shoot feature films) are paired with ARRI Prime Master lenses. Add the National Geographic level cinematographers and LiquidView is able to create videos that will astonish even the most jaded viewer.

The views are synchronized to the time of day, using patented time sync technology, where the WindowLV is installed. If the WindowLV is in New York showing views of Venice Beach, at sunset in New York, WindowLV will show the sunset in Venice Beach, California. LiquidView’s ability to match circadian rhythms is unrivaled in the industry and is patent pending. Additionally, all views seamlessly change every day to match the day’s length. The views are controllable via an easy-to-use phone app. Starting in 2023 there will be a new view available every month.

Virtual Window
Virtual Window by LiquidView

LiquidView has created more than just a window. They have created an experience.

The Window

All of the views are highlighted on tier-one 75-inch 4K ultra-HD, HDR commercial panels, designed for continuous use. The slim high-end panel features Dolby Atmos audio allowing for a full visual and acoustic experience. The panel also gives custom integrators the ability to enhance the audio based on the usage case. Along with the single window option, LiquidView offers a panoramic view as well. The panoramic choice consists of three windows, creating a seamless and continuous view across all panels.

LiquidView in the Showroom

Colorado based integration company Paragon Systems Integration recently added a LiquidView LV Virtual Window to their showroom. “The goal of everything that we display in the Paragon Experience Center is to show clients what is possible.”, said Glenn Murdzia, director of sales for Paragon Systems Integration. “We do not show anything that is typical, basic, and/or off the shelf. The new LV Virtual Widow adds to this experience by showing them cutting-edge technology mixed with an interior design focus that blends seamlessly with our clients’ lifestyles. This product opens their minds to design elements and parts of our industry that many did not even know existed.”

Virtual Window by LiquidView

“My goal with LiquidView is to start at as premium product and eventually create a more affordable solution so that this product can be available to everyone.”

Mitch Braff, LiquidView Founder & CEO

Pre-orders for the LiquidView WindowLV will begin in the fall with expected shipping in Q1.