Trinnov Audion, a designer and manufacturer of reference audio processors for home theaters, high-end hi-fi, professional audio and commercial cinemas, has announced Best Product awards from CEDIA and from CE Pro for the Altitude 32 and Altitude 16 audio video processors running Trinnov Optimizer version 4.2.15 software. The Altitude’s unique software-based platform runs not on the multiple sets of DSP chips found on competitive products, but instead on a revolutionary approach that operates on a single multi-core Intel hardware platform and the TrinnovOS Linux-based operating system. The software includes Trinnov’s Loudspeaker/Room Optimization, which is found on each of Trinnov’s Home Theater, Professional Audio, and Commercial Cinema products.  

Trinnov has received a 2020 CE BEST (Best Electronics Systems Technologies) Award for the Altitude 32 in the category of Home Theater A/V Receivers & Source Components from the publishers of CE Pro magazine. The award was presented at the CEDIA Expo Virtual event in September 2020.

Following the BEST award, Trinnov Audio Optimizer won for Best Software at the CEDIA Awards 2020. This award was for Optimizer software version 4.2.15, which is used in both the Altitude 32 and Altitude 16processors.

The original version of the software was introduced in late 2014 in the Trinnov Altitude 32, the only processor capable of discretely rendering up to 32 channels of Dolby Atmos, a title it still holds to this day. All Altitudes can be upgraded by downloading the latest version of the software, a feature that enables Trinnov to deliver product improvements, new features, and significantly, new formats to every Altitude owner, regardless of when the processor was purchased. Product obsolescence virtually becomes a thing of the past.

Included with 4.2.15 software update is an upgrade to DTS:X Pro. This expands the channel capability for playback of native DTS:X and Neural:X upmixed content from 11.1 to up to 30.2 discrete outputs. Trinnov engineers worked with DTS engineers in close partnership to develop the decoding software and to bring DTS:X Pro to market for the first time in the Altitude 32 and Altitude 16 processors, promising an unparalleled immersive audio experience for consumers. Placement for the additional speaker locations enabled by this expansion are addressed in Trinnov’s published guide to loudspeaker positions for immersive sound reproduction, which are incorporated into The CEDIA Designer home theater design software.

As with this and previous upgrades, the Altitude processors themselves effectively become new products, particularly when measured against competitive products, in terms of formats, feature sets and sound quality. In fact, version 4.2.15 has been replaced with 4.2.16, which adds a unique Dolby Atmos Object Viewer to the Altitude processors. This, and many of the features added through upgrades described elsewhere in this submission remain exclusive to Trinnov.

““We are very pleased to receive the recent accolades from CE Pro and CEDIA”, said Trinnov CEO Arnaud Laborie. “Our research and development goals are to ensure that Trinnov is the first to incorporate and deliver the latest technologies to its customers. Our ability to deliver updates via a software download assures Trinnov owners that they have invested in a durable product that will deliver cutting edge performance that remains up to date for the life of their product.”

A wide-ranging set of features have been added to the Altitude platform. Among the features not available in previous software are:

• DTS:X Pro software, now enabling the discrete rendering of up to the full 30.2 channel complement of DTS:X.  (The original Altitude was the first processor with DTS:X decoding, but limited to 11 channels by the DTS license.)

• ROON:  The Altitude is an end-point for the most advanced digital music player, providing all of the Altitude’s advanced audio capability, including upmixing for immersive audio systems.

• A Calibration Wizard that enables first-time users to successfully set up and calibrate systems through a step-by-step process.

• An Enhanced HDMI Interface that acts as a mini-HDMI analyzer, providing video information from the current input and output ports, EDID and HDR information, and a Refresh function.

• User-selectable HDMI 1.4 or HDMI 2.0 for each HDMI input, potentially improving reliability with legacy hardware that does not support high-speed bandwidth.

• A paid option to upgrade the processor to 48 discrete outputs through a firmware update. This upgrade enables discrete rendering of the maximum 34.1 channels of Dolby Atmos for the Home.

• Three-way bass management, enabling low frequencies from a small speaker such as a height channel to be first redirected to an adjacent speaker with better low frequency output and then sent to the subwoofer(s).

• An improved ability to view and adjust the response of subwoofers with extended infrasonic response. Calibrators can see and adjust an additional octave, down to 10 Hz.

• Adding the ability to save Target Curves. Previously, Target Curves required manual adjustment. Integrators can save preferred curves and load them into new machines.

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About Trinnov Audio

Trinnov’s founders began researching high spatial resolution audio 20 years ago, well before today’s immersive audio formats were even conceived.

Today, the French manufacturer is advancing audio performance in homes, studios and commercial cinemas with our world-renowned loudspeaker/room Optimizer and other proprietary technologies that are protected by over 50 international patents.

With over 5,000 high-performance installations worldwide, Trinnov’s unique hardware and software platform enables first-to-market solutions and virtually eliminates obsolescence, with each installation backed by industry-leading remote technical support. Prestigious customers include Technicolor, Fox, BBC, Globo, NHK, Toho and UGC. For more information, please visit