As companies across the globe work towards establishing a “new normal” amid COVID-19, they’re also faced with a set of unique challenges. In our space alone, numerous companies have thought quick on their feet to come up with webinars, virtual trainings, and other resources with advice on how to navigate working at a distance. URC, a global leader in smart automation and control for residential and commercial applications, is one of those companies.

URC dealers can take advantage of a Resource Kit filled with virtual trainings for URC Total Control Certification and other advanced courses, templates and creative assets for consumer marketing efforts, and a resource guide with helpful advice on how to go about business during this crisis.  

“URC’s thoughts are extended to everyone affected during this difficult period,” Chang K. Park, URC Founder and CEO expressed. “Our world is entering a whole new paradigm, with rapid changes, it makes for a very challenging business environment. We care about our dealers and decided to create one place where URC dealers could go to get the tools and resources that can help them navigate through this situation, get helpful links to grant and loan programs, download easy templates to use for business planning and marketing, and invest in certification and continuing education for our Total Control smart automation and control system. We are also in a very good inventory position, thanks to good planning and constant communication with our factory in Korea.”

Key Components of the portal include:

  • Virtual Trainings for Total Control Certification and Beyond the Basics, which includes a hands-on component. URC will ship gear to attendees so they have it on hand in their location and can follow along, as they do in URC’s regular in-person certification training courses. 
  • Social Media Campaign Assets to help dealers’ market additional opportunities to their customers as to how they can help simplify their lives now that everyone is working from home. 
  • “Trade Up to Total Control” sales program & marketing assets, which includes an incentive for URC Complete Control consumers to get a rebate when they upgrade from Complete Control to Total Control thru an authorized dealer.
  • Business Resources
    • Communication templates to customers regarding your business status
    • A resource page of useful links to third-party websites offering special programs, grants and loans.
    • Business Planning & COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Checklist 

These helpful resources will be available via the URC dealer portal where users can easily download all components of the toolkit.