At the ISE 2020 show in Europe, URC has launched a two-way IP module for integration of its Total Control system with Symetrix Radius NX, Prism, Solus and Edge DSP models. The module, available immediately to authorized URC installers via URC’s dealer portal, allows commercial facilities managers using any URC Total Control touch screen or the Total Control smartphone application to control independent channels or zones of audio routed through compatible Symetrix DSP models.

“The addition of these new models from Symetrix to our portfolio of two-way modules greatly expands the commercial applications – from bars and restaurants, houses of worship, meeting rooms, to larger venues such as whole resort facilities, banquet halls and stadiums,” said Lars Granoe, URC’s vice president of product management, in the announcement statement. “Symetrix is world-renowned for delivering high-performance audio DSP hardware and software, making it a great fit for our URC Total Control line.” URC launched an integration module with the Symetrix Zone Mix 761 last year.

This two-way module allows commercial facilities managers, IT departments, and staff using a URC Total Control touch screen or the URC smartphone app the ability to select the audio inputs for each zone and then adjust and mute the volume levels by zone. The URC Total Control user interface presents the end user with a digital slider graphic for volume control along with the exact percentage volume level of the maximum gain set by the commercial integrator, as well as dedicated volume up and down buttons for precise level setting of each channel/zone.

Authorized URC commercial integrators can download the two-way IP module from URC’s dealer portal.

At the same time, URC announced it will be adding support for the German language in March to the TRC-1480 whole-house remote with voice control. Launched in Q3 2019. The TRC-1480 is the latest addition to URC’s Total Control smart automation and control system, and features push-to-talk voice control, a 2.4-inch touchscreen LCD for display of two-way meta data, hard buttons and an ergonomic design.

(Shown: The URC 2-way IP module in use on TKP-9600 integrating Symetrix Radius NX)