Although it has been on the market for the past two years, there is still nothing like it. The GE Kitchen Hub is a range hood with an integrated touch screen. As you cook, you can follow recipes, watch TV, video chat or reply to emails and texts. It will not only help you in the kitchen, but can entertain you and manage your home.

The Kitchen Hub is most of all a cooktop ventilator. It contains an air curtain that protects the touch screen and cameras from the heat and grease emanating from below. It is truly unique as it comes with an app that contains more than 5,000 recipes and their instructions. The app also lets you add and save your own family recipes. The Kitchen Hub comes with the U-Connect app with allows you to check on oven temperatures and timers, the ice in your freezer, and alert you if you need to clean your dishwasher filter. Moreover it connects to other smart home devices such as your ring doorbell, nest thermostat or baby monitor. 

Kitchen Hub

The smart phone-like display allows you to add apps like Netflix and Hulu. This ability to stream eliminates the need of a TV in the Kitchen or propping up your phone to watch a show. The Kitchen Hub has two camera built-in, allowing you to take pictures of your meals or video-chat with a friend to keep you company. 

Voice control via Google Assistant is also built-in. There is not longer a need for an Alexa sitting on your counter top. You can be hands free and check your Google Calendar, tell it to preheat the oven, or respond to emails. 

The GE Kitchen Hub is in the pricer scale of range hoods at $1,199.00. However, with the significant amount of features this smart device comes with, it may just be worth it. The overall reviews have been positive, besides the few people who were disappointed that it wasn’t a microwave.