Viro, the first company to design handcrafted lighting integrated with smart technology, has launched its new collection today. Viro offers hand-blown smart pendants that bring IoT into the home without losing the warmth and character of handmade items in your living space.

Crafted by award-winning designers and backed by Hammerton, the largest U.S.-based custom lighting manufacturer, Viro’s collection is already receiving high praise, as its Fresnel Smart Pendant recently received the L A M P 2022 Manufactured Pendant Award.

Viro’s collection includes:

  • Embedded smart LED technology controlled directly from your phone 
  • Circadian rhythm automated lighting customized to the user’s lifestyle to positively impact sleep/wake schedule and overall well being 
  • Personalized cool and warm lighting hues for optimal productivity 
  • Easy-to-install patented suspension design eliminates the need for cord-cutting, making Viro a lifelong, sustainable investment that can move with users as they move between apartments and/or homes 
  • Hand-blown designs utilizing lead-free crystal. Available in clear or smoked glass finishes