Westinghouse Electronics announced the planned expansion of their popular line of Roku TV models to territories in Canada and Mexico at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. The expansion to these new markets will take place throughout 2020. 

“Westinghouse is excited about this next evolution in the marketplace, and the resulting opportunity to continue our partnership with Roku TV in new territories,” said Brett Hunt, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Westinghouse Electronics. “We have seen great success with this line of products in our current territories over the last year, and we are looking forward to bringing Roku TV to these exciting new markets.” 

Westinghouse and Roku began their successful partnership in early 2019, when Roku announced that Westinghouse Electronics would be the newest TV brand to join the Roku TV licensing program at retailers including Target, Best Buy, Micro Center, and BJ’s. 

“This expansion with Westinghouse to Canada and Mexico will help bring a great streaming experience to a wider global audience,” said David Sharp, Vice President of Product Management for Roku TV. “With a simple home screen, easy-to-use remote and automatic software updates, Roku TV is a smart TV that’s simple to use and easy to love, and this is a great opportunity to help grow the global market for smart TVs.”

The company also announced the addition of DTS Studio Sound to its popular line of Roku TV products, designed for the ultimate viewing and listening experience, scheduled to arrive in 2020. Roku TV models offer consumers a customizable home screen, thousands of free and paid streaming channels and advanced features like fast and easy search across top channels with results ranked by price, and private listening available in the Roku mobile app. The Roku TV home screen puts a customer’s favorite entertainment in one place so it’s easier than ever to watch what they love. People can stream free movies and TV episodes, news and sports or access a cable box, game console, or antenna from the simple home screen. 

DTS provides superior sound quality due to years of experience and patented DTS technologies that improve the sound quality, in real-time from the TV’s internal speakers, no matter what content is being consumed. It delivers a wider stereo sound, virtual surround sound, clear dialog, and improved bass performance for any content played over the TV’s built-in speakers, delivering the most compelling entertainment experience. The solution also features DTS TruVolume to smooth loudness of commercials and maintain a consistent volume between different sources. 

Lastly, Westinghouse announced the launch of its new line of monitors, including four Home Office models as well as two Flat and three Curved Gaming monitors, and, depending on size, Full HD, QHD, and UHD resolution capabilities and is comparable to other products on the market but offered at a lower price point.

“Overall, Westinghouse always aims to provide high-quality experiences that people can rely on, and these monitors are no exception,” said Brett Hunt, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Westinghouse Electronics. “Westinghouse gaming monitors are perfect for those looking to get into gaming or to improve their overall gaming experience without breaking the bank. Our home office models provide great value and fit for both the home and businesses alike.”  

Westinghouse is debuting two styles of gaming monitors. The new curved-screen model comes complete with back panel RGB lighting, a bottom logo reflection, and provides an immersive experience in all three size options (27”, 32”, and 34”). With a 100 Hz – 144 Hz refresh rate, gaming looks smoother with no tearing or stuttering, controls will be more accurate, and movement will be real-time with less input latency. The curved 34” model also offers an Ultra-Wide Quad High-Definition (UWQHD) experience, with an angled 21×9 aspect ratio that pulls you into your game even further.