Whirlpool Corporation has unveiled a groundbreaking innovation in refrigeration technology with the introduction of SlimTech™ insulation, marking a departure from the traditional use of bulky polyurethane foam for insulation. This Vacuum Insulated Structure (VIS) technology, a first in the North American market, utilizes a proprietary material that is vacuum-sealed within the refrigerator door or sides, reducing wall thickness by up to 66%. This reduction in thickness allows for a remarkable 25% increase in internal refrigerator capacity. The technology is set to debut in 2024 on select JennAir® luxury 30 in. Slimtech™ Insulation Column refrigerators, with plans for a broader implementation across KitchenAid refrigerators in the future.

Whirlpool Corporation’s SlimTech™ insulation not only enhances storage space but also introduces a more sustainable approach to refrigeration. The material used has the potential for recycling, and the company is actively working on reclaiming it at the end of a refrigerator’s life cycle, promoting a circular and eco-friendly future. Beyond capacity and sustainability benefits, SlimTech™ insulation technology offers increased energy efficiency, faster cooling, interior customization possibilities, and quieter refrigeration. The company’s CEO, Marc Bitzer, envisions this technology as a transformative step that will reshape how consumers perceive refrigeration, allowing for discreet refrigeration spaces seamlessly integrated into other rooms or furniture pieces. Whirlpool aims to drive innovation and expand its market share, investing $65 million in its Ohio plant for the production of SlimTech™ insulated refrigerators.