Image courtesy of Apparent.

Apparent Inc. is set to revolutionize the water heating landscape with its groundbreaking ExElement Heating System (EXEL), an affordable and innovative solution designed for housing developers.

The system, integrating patented and patent-pending technologies, accelerates the shift from traditional gas and electric water heaters to clean energy options, aligning with decarbonization strategies. Engineered for high efficiency and sustainability, the EXEL meets stringent clean energy requirements, such as CA Title 24 and Hawaii building standards, making it a code-compliant and environmentally friendly choice. Powered by the proprietary Intelligent Grid Operating System (igOS™), the low-voltage system offers grid-independent heating, enabling consumers to optimize energy consumption. With significant cost savings, easy installations, and eligibility for rebate programs, EXEL represents a paradigm shift towards carbon-neutral, clean energy homes.

For utilities and commercial developers, the system contributes to ESG commitments and grid-responsive distributed energy resources (DERs). The EXEL stands out in the growing global water heater market, presenting a climate-friendly alternative and fostering equitable access to clean technology. Building developers are invited to embrace this innovative water heating solution, marking a new era of affordable, equitable, and efficient clean tech advancements.