Barco announced two additions to its control room services at InfoComm 2023 that ensure performance without compromising customers’ privacy and protection.

Video Wall Management Suite is the newest addition to Barco’s SmartCare service offering. A cloud-based remote management platform, Video Wall Management Suite allows secure connectivity to Barco video walls from a central location. It also provides tools for troubleshooting and diagnostics for any issue that may arise relating to the health or status of any video wall component. Critical alerts and notifications provide users with rapid, proactive solutions for system maintenance.

The benefits of Video wall Management Suite goes both ways. For customers, it drops the MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve) for system issues. There is also something in it for Barco. Anonymous data collected through the Video Wall Management Suite is put to good use. This data provides insights pertaining to video wall performances, which can then be used to detect issues and points of failure that might arise. Such insights allow Barco to remain vigilant about the quality of its products and fix any problems accordingly.

EssentialCare for Secure Sites is the second addition to Barco’s services. EssentialCare for Secure Sites is targeted at the hardware used in highly secure control rooms. Like Video Wall Management Suite, it provides rapid response to any issue that may arise. EssentialCare for Secure Sites can also answer any questions about handling end-of-life hardware and puts security first by guaranteeing the sensitive information housed in the hardware components of these sites never leaves the premises.