The Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel worked with LS Group and USAI fixtures to create a transformative space where guests feel like they are in present day during the daylight hours and are transported back in time at night, reminiscent of the movie “Midnight in Paris.”

According to Kristen Kordecki, Commercial Projects Director at LS Group, “We knew that quality of light and color temperature were going to be a huge part of achieving this transformation/transportation. Throughout the hotel, the static color temperatures vary, allowing guests to partake in this experience.”

How do you balance decorative lighting with LED lighting in a space?

We were encouraged to use different color temperatures on this project, so we used that to our advantage! We intentionally utilized incandescent style LED lamps in the decorative fixtures to create a warm ambient light in anticipation of the architectural lighting being slightly cooler. Even the cooler color temperatures (2700k and 3000k) rendered warm in the space against all of the wood and warm finishes used throughout.

Why did you spec USAI lighting fixtures? 

We had a unique challenge for this project which was the need to include a variety of color temperatures throughout. USAI was one of the only manufacturers at the time doing static color temperature warm enough for our needs and at no additional cost. In addition, their different downlight offerings gave us the flexibility to specify a variety of downlight types according to the different spaces and uses. It was beneficial to work with one single manufacturer for all of the downlight needs throughout the entire hotel. We also value the customer service side of the product and knew that we could rely on the manufacturer to help if there was ever an issue on site.

How many USAI fixtures are used in the building?

Between the different series, beam spreads, finishes, trim types, and color temperatures, we had (29) different types of USAI downlights. There were just under 500 total USAI downlights throughout the hotel.