On September 12, Savant, a provider of smart home and smart power technology solutions, introduced the Savant Home Manager, an intuitive smart home management tool created specifically for homeowners. Savant Home Manager is included as part of the company’s smart home subscription model and is designed to expand Savant’s award-winning user experience beyond traditional mobile apps, in-wall devices, and remote controls. 

“Savant Home Manager is the foundation for delivering sophisticated system insights with information that homeowners can act upon,” said Angela Larson, GM Professional Solutions in a press release. “Savant Home Manager functionality will continue to grow with future enhancements, including network health, system activity log, and more.” 

Savant Home Manager Overview

Savant Home Manager dashboard. Image courtesy of Savant.

Savant Home Manager is the first web UI smart home dashboard designed for Savant homeowners. Users with administrative-level permissions can access key system information, manage user permissions, filter and view camera recordings, view active cloud integrations, access product tutorials, and review frequently asked questions. Savant Home Manager is the perfect tool for the new Savant system owner to easily learn more about basic system features, and for the power user to dig deeply into system statistics, upgrade possibilities, and more.   

Homeowners can access Savant Home Manager by visiting the website and simply logging into their system using the same credentials for their Savant app experience.  

Savant Home Manager highlights include:  

  • Camera Recordings View allows homeowners to easily access and organize/sort recordings by camera, date/time, and even specific event types.  
  • Connected Apps let homeowners view and manage connected third-party apps that have access to their Savant home, including voice, security, and more.  
  • User Management View allows a system administrator to manage dealer system access permissions as well as add, delete, and edit user permissions.  
  • Tutorials on how to navigate the Savant app, personalize their system with scenes and room photos, and more.  

Savant Home Manager is available now. For more information on Savant, visit savant.com