World4Solar, a Reno-based producer of solar energy products that utilize the latest technology, has developed a new system of solar design solutions that make residences appealing and energy efficient. With its new Voltwing system, World4Solar will bring the heat to the 2023 CEDIA Expo in Denver on September 7-9. 

“We are excited about the trend for self-sustaining and energy-efficient power for residential and commercial installations,” says Marc Hofer, CEO of World4Solar. “Our contemporary decor design fits in with all environments, and its weatherproof solar-covered roof provides shade and rain protection where needed.” 

The Details 

The Voltwing system is a patented freestanding solar canopy. Waterproof and durable, the Voltwing system is ideal for outdoor applications, such as covering exterior patios or being placed by the poolside. With clean energy ingrained into its design, the Voltwing also is an integrated electric vehicle (EV) charger, it is also functional as a carport. 

World4Solar’s Voltwing system comes in two models. The base model, which also doubles as an entry model, is the Voltwing 5 with 7.5 kWp. The premier model, the Voltwing 7 with 9.6 kWp, is ideal for commercial installations like retail, golf courses, car dealerships, and RV parks. 

The system is designed for ease of installation and integration. In addition to being scalable and modular, Voltwing comes preassembled and preconfigured out of the box.  

The Voltwing system can be hooked up to the local power grid, affording customers compensation for generating energy. The earnings don’t stop there: Voltwing also qualifies for federal tax credit up to 30 percent of the amount spent, and state tax credits are available in several states.  

World4Solar’s new system also gives customers the flexibility to operate standalone via built-in battery packs that can store solar energy.

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