Embarking on a recent project on the North Shore of Long Island, Sights – N – Sounds took on the challenge of transforming a basement into a cutting-edge entertainment oasis. The client, who prefers to remain anonymous, sought specific elements centered around ease of use and a clean, streamlined aesthetic.

Expressing a strong aversion to a control system initially, the client prioritized simplicity in operation. Joe Calise, president of Sights-N-Sounds, and his team successfully shifted the client’s perspective, highlighting the advantages of a Crestron system to ensure both ease of use and seamless integration of various technologies.

Vintage fun meets modern entertainment in this recent basement home theater installation from Sights-N-Sounds, featuring a wall adorned with an array of classic pinball machines

“When the client told us he bought a home we had already wired for a previous client, we were thrilled but expected he would not want any type of control system in the home. We are so glad the client let us do what we do best, and in the end actually loved it!” said Calise.

The client envisioned a space that not only delivered a streamlined and efficient user experience but also exuded a contemporary aesthetic. Sights – N – Sounds meticulously tailored the installation to meet these expectations, ensuring every element of the transformed basement aligned with the client’s vision for a sophisticated and modern entertainment hub.

Basement Conversion

The team successfully converted the basement into a multifunctional space merging entertainment, leisure, and state-of-the-art technology, and surpassing even the loftiest client expectations. The transformed space now boasts a bowling alley, home theater, game room, gym, bar, wine room, and more, underscoring Sights – N – Sounds’ unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of residential technology integration.

Addressing a notable challenge, the team navigated the homeowner’s initial aversion to a control system reminiscent of what was in their previous dwelling. President Joe Calise’s direct involvement paved the way for the implementation of a Crestron system, proving that a hands-on approach can be the key to earning a client’s trust. The client even went as far as to say, “you made a believer in me, and more importantly, you made a believer in my wife.”

Elevating the cinematic experience at home with stylish box office decorations.

The integrated control system’s core includes the powerful Crestron HOME CP4-R Processor, and the Crestron DM-NAX Audio Distribution, ensuring a customizable symphony of sound tailored to each room’s unique ambiance.

For outdoor spaces, Sights – N – Sounds turned to Coastal Source for an Outdoor Audio System, extending the immersive experience beyond the basement’s confines, allowing the homeowner to enjoy music and entertainment outdoors.

The inclusion of Crestron APP and handheld HR-150 remote controls streamlined the user experience, providing intuitive and accessible control over the entire system and dispelling concerns about complexity.

Creating the Perfect Entertainment Space

Seamlessly integrated televisions enhance both control and visual cohesion. Crestron Lighting adds sophistication, allowing the homeowner to tailor the lighting ambiance for any mood. “The project started as a simple basement with a nice media area,” said Joe Calise, “and then quickly ramped up to a full entertainment paradise.”

The home theater’s visual centerpiece, the Sony VPL-XW7000ES Laser Projector, delivers crisp and vibrant visuals on a Screen Innovations screen, transforming the space into a private screening room for a fully immersive entertainment escape.

Immerse yourself in the allure of a stunning indoor theater, where luxury meets cinematic elegance in every detail.

The Anthem MRX1140 anchors the audio setup, delivering a powerful and nuanced soundstage that complements the high-end James Sound System, ensuring unparalleled clarity for every note and sound effect.

Beyond entertainment, technology extends to protection and reliability, with WattBox Cloud-Based Surge Protection safeguarding equipment from electrical surges. Araknis Networking provides a robust and high-performance foundation for seamless connectivity.

Aesthetics Meet Function

Sights – N – Sounds’ recent project is a testament to their expertise in transforming spaces into sophisticated technological marvels. The seamless fusion of simplicity and modern aesthetics reflects their commitment to delivering a user-friendly experience.

Step into the opulence of an exquisite indoor theater, where luxurious details harmonize to create a captivating cinematic experience.

“We love projects like this,” said Calise. “When a client’s vision exceeds his expectations, then we know we did a good job.  We were fortunate to work with a team of great contractors on this project which is so important to the overall success of the project.  Not to mention the amazing team we have here at Sights-N-Sounds.”

From home entertainment to top-tier devices like the Crestron system and Coastal Source Outdoor Audio, every element was meticulously curated to redefine opulence and technological sophistication.

Experience the enchantment of a theater in the dark, where the screen beckons with cinematic allure, casting an immersive spell of entertainment.

Contact List:



4032 Sunrise Hwy.

Seaford, NY 11783

Phone: (516) 679-9700

Email: info@hometheater.biz

Equipment List:

  • Crestron HOME CP4-R Processor
  • Crestron DM-NAX Audio Distribution
  • Coastal Source Outdoor Audio System
  • Crestron APP and handheld HR-150 remote controls
  • Crestron Lighting
  • Sony VPL-XW7000ES Laser Projector
  • Screen Innovations Screen
  • Anthem MRX1140
  • James Sound System
  • WattBox Cloud Based Surge Protection
  • Araknis Networking